More background (David)

John Farmer/Ann Gregg m 3 Aug 1843
Frances Owen Farmer b 26 Mar 1845 d 1865
Richard James Robertson Farmer b 4 Nov 1847 d. 1847
William Owen Farmer b 11 Nov 1848
Thomas Farmer b 20 Nov 1850
Edward Farmer b 14 Jul 1851 (went to Pennsylvania)
George Farmer b 14 Apr 1850 (went back to Liverpool and died 1936 a sea captain)
Esther Farmer b 18 Jun 1853
John Farmer b 23 May 1854
Mary Ann Farmer b 27 May 1855 d. 1855
Charles James Farmer b 12 May 1856 d. 1856
Frederick Farmer b 14 Aug 1862
Ann Farmer b 16 Mar 1863
John Farmer/ Julia Hepzibeth Farmer m. 30 Jun 1870
Spencer Palmer Farmer b 13 Oct 1866 d. 24 Jul 1942
Steele Palmer Farmer b 20 Dec 1867
Gray Farmer b 19 Oct 1869 d. 1890
Sidney Farmer b 31 May 1871(moved to and died in Boston)
Owen Tudor Farmer b 31 May 1871 d. 1872
Lancelot Farmer b 11 Jun 1872
Rowena Farmer b 31 Oct 1873
Mary Farmer b 4 Feb 1877 d. 1901
Spencer Palmer Farmer  / Dinah Butler (d 1900) m 1893
John Owen Farmer b 17 Jul 1888
Frances Rowena Farmer b 17 Mar 1890 (in Duluth no less!)
George Brandon Farmer b 10 Apr 1892 d 1905
Steele Farmer b 7 Apr 1895 d. 1933
Irving Spencer Farmer b 10 May 1895 d 1987 Braintree, Mass
Lancelot Farmer b 5 Mar 1898
Spencer Palmer Farmer/ Elizabeth Macgillivray m 30 Sept 1912
Ronald Allerton Farmer b 11 Feb 1913 (note the date lol – My dad never knew).
Elizabeth emigrated from Scotland, and worked as Spencer Palmer Farmer’s cook. I guess after Dinah passed, Spencer got lonely and had my dad when he was 47! 
Ronald Farmer (d 28 Feb 1999)/ Iva Patricia Brockington
Me: David John Farmer 1953 (when Ronald was 40)
John Owen Farmer was your grandfather. He had a son John (b ??) , Donald Spencer b 8 Sep 1920, and Louise b abt 1916. So John Owen would have been 65 when I was born in 1953 and his son John would have been 33 ish when I was born. Quite honestly I never met either one and my dad never mentioned “John’s” middle name. All of Dad’s half brothers were much older. The youngest, Lancelot was 14 years old when Dad was born – so he kind of grew up without siblings. By the time Dad grew up, all the siblings were scattered to the 4 winds. Dad left home in St Andrews to Boston when he was 17 and then Montreal when he was 20 ish and never went back ( so he really never had much contact with any of them. I have a photo of Steele b 1895, but that’s about it.


 So my Godfather could very well be either John Owen Farmer b 1888, or his son “John”. Is that the John Franklin?
What I know of Spencer Palmer Farmer (who died 11 years before I was born was that after getting off the train in Winnipeg, in 1881, he help defeat the North West rebellion and ultimately went back to St Andrews where he became a bookkeeper, and Ass’t Hotel Manager at the Algonquin. Ultimately he was promoted to “Relief Manager” for the CP Hotel Chain when the existing Manager had to absent himself (vacations or whatever). I understand a good chunk of time of Spencer’s spent as manager of the Banff Springs, and my dad spent a couple of years in Bermuda as a child with Spencer as the hotel manager. 
Here’s a photo of Spencer taken around 1900 in full Masonic regalia!



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