How to use this site

OK, so here is my idea. I would like to eventually create a POST for every person in the Farmer Genealogy with embedded images and diagrams and footnote citations to research references. Ideally, the Post should tell a story about that persons life. I can also imagine separate Posts for each of the Families. The Family post would also tell a story but from the perspective of all of its members.

To get there though, I suspect we need a lot of research and discussion so we can use the Post for each item of research and the comments section for discussion. Please note, anyone can edit exiting Posts or add their own, but remember that sometimes it is better to argue or discuss a change to something that is already there, than just amending it without discussion.

You can upload pictures to the media section and then when you are working on a post, you can imbed any item from the media library. If you need help with how best to use any of the WordPress features, don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks for all your help in making this site great..

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