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Julia Hepzibeth Palmer was born 23 Dec 1829 in Regent Square Scotch Church, St Pancras, London, England and died 31 July 1914 at Campobello and is buried at St Annes Church.

Marriage to Dinah Butler

Spencer married in 1893 in St. Andrews.[[dinah-butler-1866]]


Spencer and Dinah had several children.

John Owen Farmer 1888-
Frances Rowena Farmer 1890-
George Brandon Farmer 1892-1905
Steele Farmer 1893-
Irving Spencer Farmer 1895-1987

Dinah died in 1900, and then Spencer married Elizabeth but I haven’t yet determined the date.

Marriage to Elizabeth


Spencer married Elizabeth in


Spencer and Elizabeth had one child together.

Ronald Allerton Farmer was born 11 February 1913 in St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada. He married 11 July 1942 at St Paul’s Anglican Church, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He died 28 February 1999 in Lachine, Quebec, Canada and is buried at Lakeview Cem, Field of Honour, Pointe Claire, Quebec, Canada




Rowena (31 Oct 1873, and Mary (4 Feb 1877 died 1901)
were all born after the marriage. So it’s probably not likely that Spencer is not his. John just didn’t get married when he had 3 kids!

His Life

Spencer was put on a train to Winnipeg at the age of 15 by John, given $50, and told to go forth. I understand Spencer helped put down the Northwest rebellion. Eventually, Spencer became a bookkeeper at the (then) CP Algonquin Hotel in St Andrews and eventually a relief Hotel Manager (when the other guys went on vacation or something). So Spencer managed the CP Hotels in Banff, and also spent a few years managing the CP Hotel in Bermuda when my dad was a young boy.