Descendents of John Gregg 1792

Descendents of John Gregg (also Grieg) ca. 1792 – 20 Feb 1868)                and wife Mary (ca. 1791 – 20 Feb 1868)

Prepared by: Jocelean Hall, Harvey, York Co., NB.
Revised by: Prof. Bruce Elliott, Carleton University, Ottawa
Last updated: 15-07-2005

First Immigrant Generation
The family of John and Mary Gregg lived in the town and parish of Wooler, Northumberland, England, and the baptisms of the children are recorded in the register of Cheviot Street Church, under the spelling GRIEG.  The family used the spelling GREGG in New Brunswick.

In the list of emigrants asking for land on the New St Andrew’s Road (PANB RS 637/26d, August 1837) appear John Gregg, 45, labourer, his wife Mary, 45, and children Jane, 21; James, 20, labourer; Andrew, 18, painter (?); Esther, 17; and Agnes, 16.  John Gregg drew lot number 9L, and his name is on the list of the “English Emigrants” who settled in Harvey Settlement.

From NB Land Grants, v. 28, no. 3122 (NBFA RS686):
John Gregg received Lot no. 9 Acton Sett. [sic] 27 December 1843.  [The drawing is definitely that of Lot no. 9 in Harvey and not Acton.]

NB York County, Land Registry v. 47, p. 332, no. 18097 (film #5635 RS98): 18 October  1852 Lot no. 9 from John Gregg, farmer, to his son, James Gregg, both of Campo Bello, Charlotte County, signed by John Gregg and Ellen M. Gregg, his wife.  Witnessed at Campobello, 17 January 1867 and registered in York County 26 January 1867 .

NB York County, Land Registry v. 50, p. 338, no. 20259 (film 5636 RS98) 4 February 1868 Lot no. 9 from James Gregg, farmer, Campobello to Andrew Wood Cockburn for the sum of $475.   Registered in York County 3 April 1869.  Signed by James Gregg.

As the land transactions reveal, the Gregg family soon left for Campobello Island, Charlotte County, New Brunswick, where both John and his son James are listed in an 1841 taxation roll ( 

The 1851 Census for Campobello, Charlotte County, NB, includes:

Gregg, John 54 English Father    Farmer Immigr.  1837
James 38 English Son Farmer
Esther 30 English Daughter

Corvis, Hannah 17 U.S. Servant 1850

Ketchum, Richard 25 N.B. Clergyman

John’s wife Mary had died 28 August 1846 aged 55 and was buried at St Anne’s Anglican cemetery, Campobello.  John remarried Mary CALCEO of Eastport, Maine, 8 May 1848.  She was born c.1808 and died 20 July 1849 aged 41.  Finally, John married a third time on 9 July 1852 to Ellen FANNING of Campobello. (

In 1853 and 1856 John was a member of the Campobello Fishery Society ( 

1861 Campobello census:

GREGG, John Husband 68 England Farmer

James Son 40 England General Laborer

Easther Daughter 31 England

Edward Son 12 Native

Farmer, John Grandson   6   Native

According to his gravestone, he died 20 February 1868 aged 75 and was buried at St Anne’s Campobello 23 February (the register gives his residence as Welshpool and his age as 72).  His gravestone states that he was “A native of Wooler, Northumberland, England. Immigrated to Campobello in 1837”.  (

John and Mary had the following children:

1 i. Jane

2 ii. James

3 iii. Andrew

4 iv. Esther

5 v. Ann

6 vi. John

Second Immigrant Generation

1. Jane b. 17 March 1816, bap. 31 March 1816 Cheviot Street Presbyterian Church, Wooler, Northumberland.  Jane witnessed her brother Andrew’s marriage in York County, New Brunswick in 1842.  She married Price FLAGG of Campobello, who died 30 May 1871.  Jane d. 9 September 1903 aged 86 years, 9 months (Saint Croix Courier, 24 September 1903), and was buried at St Anne’s Campobello.  A photograph of Jane Gregg Flagg is on the Campobello genealogy website (

The 1851 census of Campobello includes:

Flagg, Price 40 NB Husband Fisherman

Jane 36 English Wife 1837

Mary Ann   2 NB Daughter

James Andrew   1 NB Son

1861 Campobello census:

FLAGG, Price O. Husband 50 Native Farmer and Fisherman

Jane Wife 41 England

Mary A. Daughter 12 Native

James A. Son 10 Native

Easther J. Daughter   8 Native

Georganna Daughter   3 Native

1871 Campobello census:

FLAGG, Price 60 NB Fisherman M

Jane 50 England M

Mary 21 NB

James 20 NB Blacksmith

Esther 18 NB

Georganne 18 NB

The 1881 census of Campobello, Dist. 26, Subdist. Q, p[. 2, reel C-13180:

Jane Flagg 60 England Scottish Cof E

Mary Ann 25 NB

Georganna 23 NB

The 1901 census records her birthdate as given in the Cheviot Street baptismal register:

Jane Flagg Head W Mar. 17, 1817   83 N C of E   Retired

Mary A. dau. s Apr. 5, 1849      52 NB

They had the following children:

i. Hannah E. b. 1841 d. 13 Jan. 1856 age 14y10m (stone at St Anne’s)

ii. Mary Ann b. 5 Apr. 1849

iii. James Andrew c1850

iv. Esther J. c1853 (St Anne’s bur reg has bur 1880 of Esther Flagg of Portland Me)

v. Sarah E. b. 1853, d. 5 Mar. 1854 age 9m (stone at St Anne’s)

vi. Lucy b. 1854 d. 10 May 1854 age 2m (stone at St Anne’s)

vii. Georganna c1858

2. James b. 8 May 1817, bap. 28 May 1817 Cheviot Street Presbyterian Church, Wooler.  James was living with his father in 1851.  He appears in Hutchinson’s Directory of 1865-66 as a fisherman, and in 1867-68 as a farmer.  The Lovell directory of 1871 also records him as a farmer on Campobello.  He died 14 May 1876 aged 50, according to his stone at St Anne’s church, but the age is incorrect.  He appears not to have married.

1871 Campobello census:

GREG, James 47 England Farmer

Esther 43 England

3. Andrew b. 21 November 1818, bap. 20 December 1818 Cheviot Street Presbyterian Church, Wooler.  Andrew may not have gone to Campobello with his family, as he was living in Fredericton when he was married 7 August 1842 to Mary P. PICK of that city, by George Coster, the Anglican minister there.  The witnesses were his sister Jane Gregg and John Lawson (York County , NB, Marriage Register B. 1837-1850).  This was the only Gregg marriage in York County in that time period.

The 1851 Census for Fredericton has:

Andrew Gregg 31 Scotch Painter Immig.   1839

Mary wife 28 English   1835

John   7

Harriett   5

Andrew died 11 August 1856 aged 35 and was buried in Fredericton Rural Cemetery.  Mary died 18 December 1899 aged 77.

1881 census, Queens Ward, Saint John, 24 D 1, p. 22:

MASTERS, Charles H. NS 29 English Lawyer Baptist M

Mary P. NB 28 Scottish C of E M

Gregg, Mary Ire  56 English C of E Wid

Harriett D. NB 31 Scottish Teacher C of E

Christianna M. NB 25 Scottish C of E

Arthur M. NB 23 Scottish Book Binder C of E

Henderson, Sarah NB 29 English Servant C of E M

Edith M. NB   2 English CofE

Andrew and Mary Gregg had the following children:

i. John b. c1844 [perhaps the John E., 37, b. NB in Boston census 1881]

ii. Harriett D. b. c1846

iii. probably Mary P. b. c1853

iv. Christiana M. b. c1856

v. Arthur M. b. c1858

There may have been other children.

4. Esther b. 26 April 1820, bap. 14 May 1820, Cheviot Street Presbyterian Church, Wooler.  She died unmarried 12 September 1894 aged 72 and buried at St Anne’s Campobello.

5. Ann b. 9 March 1822, bap. 17 March 1822, Cheviot Street Presbyterian Church, Wooler.  Ann was recorded as Agnes in the list of the Wooler settlers, but was baptized Ann and was known by that name in New Brunswick.  She married 3 August 1843 John FARMER of Campobello, the collector of customs there.    

The 1851 census of Campobello includes:

FARMER John 38 English Husband JP/Farmer 1836

Ann 30 English Wife 1837

Frances Owen   6 NB Daughter

Richard   5 NB Son

William   3 NB Son

Thomas   1 NB Son

Edward 3m NB Son

Gaff     Mary 46 NB Mother Nurse

Ellen     9 NB Daughter

Follis Ann 12 Irish Dau. to G. Follis Servant

1861 Campobello Census:

FARMER John Esq. Husband 39 England Farmer

Ann Wife 40 England

Frances O. Daughter 16 Native

Richard J.R. Son 14 Native

William O. Son 13 Native

George Son 11 Native

Edward Son 10 Native

Ann (Gregg) Farmer died 8 July 1864 aged 44 and was buried at St Anne’s.  John remarried 30 June 1870 to Julia PALMER of Campobello and had a second family.

1871 Campobello census:

FARMER, John 59 England Collector of Customs M

Julia 33 NB M

Edwin 20 NB Painter

John 16 NB

Spencer   4 NB

Neil     3 NB

Gray     1 NB

1891 Campobello Census:

FARMER John 80  England CE

J.A. 55  W NB CE

Steele 22  S    NB England Book-Keeper

S 20  S

Lanslet 19  S

Rowenia 17  D

Mary 14  D

John Farmer died 3 February 1901 aged 88 and was buried with his first wife.

John and his first wife Ann had the following children:

i. Frances Owen b. c1845

ii. Richard J.R. b. c1847

iii. William O. b. c1848

iv. Thomas OR George b. c1850

v. Edward OR Edwin b. c1851

vi. John b. c1855

6. John b. 1 September 1823, bap. 5 October 1823, Cheviot Street Presbyterian Church, Wooler.  He is not in the list of the Wooler settlers and likely died in England.

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