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St Ann’s Anglican Church

Marriage John & Julia

John Farmer’s tombstone

In loving memory of poor – Gray – son of Julia H and John Farmer – died Mar 3,  1890 – aged 20 years. The Lord my God shall make – my darkness to be light.

Mary dau of John and Julia – Farmer died March 10 1901 – age 27 years.

John Farmer  -died- feb 3 1901 age 88 – One precious to our hearts is gone, the voice we loved is still, the place made vacant in our home, can never more be filled.

Anne – wife of – John Farmer died July 8 1864 age 44 years

I know that my redeemer – liveth and he shall – stand at the latter day – upon the earth.

Also their daughter – Francis Owen – died March 5 1865 aged 20 years. She was a dutiful affectionate – child and her life was – ineproachable.

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Campobello The Outer Island by Alden Nowlan



There arrived on Campobello in September 1835 the third Principle Proprietary, Admiral William Fitzwilliam Owen, sailor, cartographer and amateur theologian…

This younger Manchester-born son of old Captain Owen was now 61..

In 1872, Captain Robinson-Owen began trying to selll the island … for the following seven years the island was administered by his widow with the assistance of his bailiff, John Farmer, who had come to Campobello with the Admiral as a boy of fifteen.

Dates from Grammy Farmer’s Bible

John Allen Farmer

Jul 17


Ruth Hope Farmer-White

Sep 17


Kathleen Ruth Farmer

Dec 9


Louise Francis Farmer

Oct 8


Donald Spencer Farmer

Sep 10


John Franklin Farmer

Aug 4


George White

Jul 4


Mary White


Henry White

Oct 4


Edward White

Jan 3


Harvey White

Feb 4


Dorothy White


Elizabeth White

Nov 23


Ruth Hope White

Sep 17


Sewell White