john farmer baptism record (lorna)

Name Fred F Farmer
Age in 1910 48
Birth Year abt 1862
Birthplace Canada
Home in 1910 Lubec, Washington, Maine
Race White
Gender Male
Immigration Year 1903
Relation to Head of House Head
Marital Status Single
Spouse’s Name Martha Farmer
Father’s Birthplace Canada
Mother’s Birthplace Canada
Household Members
Name Age
Fred F Farmer 48
Martha Farmer 46
Harley Farmer 10
Florence Farmer 6



Parents  John Farmer 70    Julia Farmer 48


Name Frederick Farmer
Gender Male
Marital Status Married
Age 25
Birth Year abt 1866
Birthplace New Brunswick
Relation to Head-of-house Head
French Canadian No
Spouse’s Name Martha Farmer
Father’s Birth Place England
Mother’s Birth Place New Brunswick
Province New Brunswick
District Number 13
District Charlotte
Subdistrict Grand Manan
Household Members
Name Age
Frederick Farmer 25
Martha Farmer 28
Edna Farmer 5
Gaynor Farmer 3
Begetta Farmer 2
Aubrey Farmer 1


Name John Farmer
Record Type Baptism
Baptism Date 8 Mar 1813
Father’s Name James Farmer
Mother’s Name Margaret Farmer
Parish or Poor Law Union Whitechapel St Mary
Borough Tower Hamlets
Register Type Parish Registers


Name: James Farmer
Spouse: Margaret Sanderson
Record Type: Marriage
Event Date: 22 Sep 1804
Parish: St Mary, Whitechapel
Borough: Tower Hamlets
Register Type: Parish Register



James Farmer

Birth ABT 1780 • Whitechapel, Middlesex, England



Margaret Sanderson Birth ABT 1778 Death ABT 1813



*James Farmer 1806–1807

*Mary Farmer 1810–1866

*James Farmer 1810–

*Thomas Farmer 1812–

* John Farmer 1813–



Name Margaret Farmer
Record Type Burial
Age 35
Estimated Birth Year abt 1778
Death Date abt 1813
Burial Date 27 Mar 1813
Burial Place St Mary, Whitechapel, England
Parish or Poor Law Union St Mary, Whitechapel
Borough Tower Hamlets
Register Type Parish Register



Name James Farmer
Baptism Date 30 Nov 1806
Parish St Mary, Whitechapel
County Middlesex
Borough Tower Hamlets
Record Type Baptism
Register Type Parish Register



Name Mary Farmer
Spouse John Saner
Spouse Comments Holy Trinity Kingston Hon. Hill
Marriage Date 1834
Parish Whitechapel St Mary


Name Mary Farmer
Record Type Marriage
Event Date 27 Feb 1834
Parish St Mary, Whitechapel
Borough Tower Hamlets
Register Type Parish Register
Household Members
Name Age
Mary Farmer
Jean Sanar



Name James Farmer
Burial Date 23 Sep 1807
Parish St Mary, Whitechapel
County Middlesex
Borough Tower Hamlets
Record Type Burial
Register Type Parish Register


Name Thomas Farmer
Baptism Date 9 Feb 1812
Parish St Mary, Whitechapel
County Middlesex
Borough Tower Hamlets
Record Type Baptism
Register Type Parish Register



Name James Farmer
Baptism Date 4 Apr 1810
Parish St Mary, Whitechapel
County Middlesex
Borough Tower Hamlets
Record Type Baptism
Register Type Parish Register


James Farmer      Baptism      4 Apr 1810      James Farmer      Margaret Farmer



Half Siblings

*Robert Farmer1816–

Hannah Farmer1817–


Name Robert Farmer
Record Type Baptism
Baptism Date 17 Mar 1816
Father’s Name James Farmer (Occupation Cooper
)Mother’s Name Hannah Farmer
Parish or Poor Law Union Whitechapel St Mary
Borough Tower Hamlets
Register Type Parish Registers


Montague St

Name James Farmer
Year 1832
County or Borough Tower Hamlets
Ward or Division/Constituency St Mary, Whitechapel
Street Address Cooperage and House



Name James Farmer
Gender Male
Household Members
Name Age
Hannah Farmer
James Farmer
John Ward Stafford




David notes

Hi Diane

I shared some of these already with Don a month or so ago, but I pass them onto you as well.
<John Farmer.jpeg>
John Farmer 1813-1901. He looks about 55 ish. I have his red military sash when he was a Captain in the New Brunswick Militia and a large sterling silver soup ladle with the initials “JF” on it. That’s it. Census records show that he emigrated in 1836. All the stories I heard was that he came from Wales but Canadian census records indicate “English” and I cannot find any relevant records for John in Wales. I do understand that John inherited 1/4 of his parent’s estate and it took a shipload to bring over all of the furniture which he sold to support his lavish lifestyle and pay for parties for the naval officers when they were in town. He died broke (I have his will), left his bed clothes to Julia, and she lived with one of her children until she died in 1914. John was also a Justice of the peace, and was Admiral Owen’s agent in Campbello and apparently they were very close.
John’s first family with Anne Gregg (b 1822-1864)
Frances Owen Farmer (1845-1865)
Richard James Robertson Farmer (1847-1847)
William Owen Farmer (1848-?)
Thomas Farmer (1850-?)
Edward Farmer (1851 and got married in Pennsylvania in 1883)
George Farmer (1850-1936) Became a captain of a Merchant vessel “Seafarer” in Liverpool England. 
Esther Farmer (1853 – ?)
Here’s a photo of the barque “Seafarer”
<Julia Palmer Portrait.jpeg>
John’s second wife Julia Hepzibeth Palmer b 1836 d 1914. 
<Cochrane Portrait.jpeg>
Photo of Admiral Owen and his son, given to John Farmer
<Spencer Farmer Hall Portrait.jpeg>
My Grandfather (your great grandfather), Spencer Farmer in full Masonic Regalia of St Mark’s Lodge in New Brunswick. Spencer was the first child of John’s second marriage to Julia on 30 June 1870. He was born 13 Oct 1866,, 4 years earlier (there’s a story there)
Steele was born in  20 Dec 1867 (before the marriage)
Gary in 19 Oct 1869 d 1890. (before the marriage)
Sidney (31 May 1871) and moved to Boston,
Owen Tudor (31 May 1871 died 1872), 
Lancelot (11 Jun 1872), 
Rowena (31 Oct 1873, and Mary (4 Feb 1877 died 1901) 
were all born after the marriage. So it’s probably not likely that Spencer is not his. John just didn’t get married when he had 3 kids! Spencer was put on a train to Winnipeg at the age of 15 by John, given $50,  and told to go forth. I understand Spencer  helped put down the Northwest rebellion. Eventually, Spencer became a bookkeeper at the (then) CP Algonquin Hotel in St Andrews and eventually a relief Hotel Manager (when the other guys went on Vacation or something). So Spencer managed the CP Hotels in Banff, and also spent a few years managing the CP Hotel in Bermuda when my dad was a young boy.
<Rowena Portrait.jpeg>
John Farmer’s daughter Rowena (with Julia). I understand John Farmer treated all of his children, from both marriages rather poorly but doted on Rowena. He took her to NYC, sent her to Columbia University where she met and married Dr Oscar Menderson Schloss who eventually became the head of cardiology. Rowena had a son, Oscar Jr in 1913. Oscar Jr  had a daughter Joan (b?) who I spoke to some 15 years ago when her name was Joan Long. She was quite elderly, and is probably dead now. I never met her but she was living on  the upper east side in NYC. I don’t believe she had any children. Joan Mentioned to me that her grandmother Rowena was always quite sad about her relationships with her brothers and sisters. I guess none of them were too thrilled with the old man.
Spencer had 
John Owen Farmer 17 Jul 1888
Frances Rowena Farmer 17 Mar 1890 Duluth Minnesota d Portland Maine
George Brandon Farmer 10 Apr 1892 d 1905 St Andrews. I 
Steele Farmer 7 Apr 1993 d 1933 Campbello
Irving Spencer Farmer 10 May 1895 (I have some of Irving’s WW1 service medals) died Braintree, Mass 1987 (I never met him)
Lancelot Farmer 5 May 1898
Here’s a photo of Steele Farmer
<Steele Farmer1927.jpeg>
John Owen Farmer had 
Louise Farmer (abt 1916)
Donald Spencer Farmer 8 Sept 1920 (Don’s dad)
John (abt 1920) This is your dad – correct?
It would make sense that your dad John is my godfather (as opposed to his dad John Owen)as John  was 22 when my dad got married in  1942 and John was age 33 when I was born. It’s amazing that he is still alive and I will look forward to meeting him!
Spencer’s first wife Dinah Butler died in 1900 and Spencer remarried in 1912 and My dad Ronald Allerton Farmer was born in 1913 when Spencer was 47 (yikes!) . All of my dad’s brother’s and sisters were 20 years older than he was so Dad kind of grew up like an only child like me. 
My Dad’s photo.
<1978 March Ronald Farmer.jpeg>
Dad was sent off to Boston to live with Irving and get a job when he was 17 at the start of the depression in 1930. That didn’t work out (reasons unknown) so Dad moved to Montreal (I think Spencer found him work) to work some 3 years later at age 20. Met my mum when he was 24 and they got married in 1942 when dad was 29. He joined the RCAF for the war, became a corporal, was discharged in 1945 and went back to work for Domtar, went to accounting school at night, and  where he eventually became a General Credit Manager and retired in 1978 at 65, and died in Feb 1999 at 86. He was always fascinated with rocks and gemstones which became his quite involved hobby for many years as it did with my mum. That faceted Topaz ring that I wear he made and game to me when I was a young man. I gave one of his rings with their birthstones to each of my daughters when they graduated. 
As for me, I grew up as an only child never knowing or meeting any “Farmer” relatives as they were all much older than dad, or all scattered to the 4 winds. Born Nov 17, 1953, I grew up in Pointe Claire where my dad bought a new subdivision house in 1954 (hence the photo you have which is very cool). I moved out to support myself when I was 18 in 1972. Got my pilot’s license in 1977 and Got married in Montreal in 1978 to Suzanne and have 3 kids.
Mackenzie (b 1987 – 31), graduated McMaster with a Bach degree in English, married and living in Vancouver. Sadly, I don’t see her very much.
Derek (b 1993 – 24) living in Oakville and estranged. Sadly, he dropped out of U Windsor in 2013 and we haven’t spoken in 3 years.
Leanne (b 1993 (twins) 24) living in Oakville whom I’m very close to. Leanne graduated from Durham college in 2014 and is a child educator living about 1 mile away and supporting herself as a full blown adult! I’m very proud of her. 
I did my both my undergrad (1980) in Montreal and grad school (MBA – 1984) at night, stayed too long in Quebec, and moved to Toronto at 35 in 1988 to work for a Paris based bank (Credit Lyonnais) where I became the SVP and #2 in Canada. Unfortunately the bank blew it’s brains out in Europe and had to downsize. So I was the guy who fired everybody here, sold off all the assets and sub leased the joint back in 1999 and started looking for work again at age 47 which took about a year. I’m still friends with my old boss who still lives in Paris. Dee and I haven’t seen them since 2009 and we’re visiting again this fall. After a year of pounding the pavement, BMO offered me an executive position in 2001 to set up a Corporate Finance Syndications group for them so I joined BMO  and retired from BMO 15 years later in Jan 2016 at 62. (Not much of a pension but I had always invested my dough knowing that I was “on my own” – lol – so I’m fine)
Sadly, Suzanne passed away at age 50 (after 29 years of marriage) from Colon Cancer after a year of chemo in April 2007 when my youngest’s were only 13 (Mackenzie was 20) so it’s been hard on them (me too raising teenagers! – lol).  I took my kids travelling after Suzanne died so they’ve  all been to Italy, Greece, Egypt etc. I met Dee on a blind date  in Sept 2008. Kept the house in Oakville where the kids all grew up until 2011, and Dee and I  got married in 2012 (4 years after we met) after my kids went off to University and Mackenzie had graduated. Dee and I  got our own place together in “downtown” Oakville, a nice grown up town house with no lawn or driveway – lol- where we can walk to restaurants etc. I started flying again in 2004. Picked up the plane in 2010 and now happily trying to improve my skills and enjoy travel with Dee. It’s great. We have another trip planned this fall before we head south for the winter.
Dee has two great sons. She raised them on her own from about age 3. Jason (31) and Brendan (29). Jason works in architecture, lives in Oshawa. Brendan joined the Navy in Victoria, was discharged last year, has gone back to university full time. He’s married, lives in Victoria, has a one year old son (our first grandchild – which is very cool).
So that’s it. You and Don are the only cousins I have ever met on my father’s side. My kids only have one cousin on their mother’s side too. Dee only has one brother (no kids) so our family group is pretty small. I have two cousins on my mother’s side both of whom live in Alabama and haven’t seen in 30 years. It’s quite a thrill to meet you – and even know that you exist.
So please let us know the next time you are in Burlington. We would love to have you over.
Hey. . . David. . . Don. . . Doug. . . (all “D”s, lol )  Here are some Farmer Family photos for your files.
My Dad, John Farmer with his father Jack and mother Ruth c1930.  I ADORE the pic of my Dad without his shoe. . . and Gramie looks so mad!
<3 John Jack 1930.JPG>
<4 John Ruth 1930 2.JPG>
Jack and Ruth’s homes – Perth Junction and their home in Andover New Brunswick
<5.1 Perth Junction.JPG>
<9 Andover 1950 Grammie’s house.JPG>
<10 Andover 1950.JPG>
<11 Andover 1950 2.JPG>
My mom and Dad – John and June Farmer – wedding pic 1956
<29 John June 1956.JPG>

More background (David)

John Farmer/Ann Gregg m 3 Aug 1843
Frances Owen Farmer b 26 Mar 1845 d 1865
Richard James Robertson Farmer b 4 Nov 1847 d. 1847
William Owen Farmer b 11 Nov 1848
Thomas Farmer b 20 Nov 1850
Edward Farmer b 14 Jul 1851 (went to Pennsylvania)
George Farmer b 14 Apr 1850 (went back to Liverpool and died 1936 a sea captain)
Esther Farmer b 18 Jun 1853
John Farmer b 23 May 1854
Mary Ann Farmer b 27 May 1855 d. 1855
Charles James Farmer b 12 May 1856 d. 1856
Frederick Farmer b 14 Aug 1862
Ann Farmer b 16 Mar 1863
John Farmer/ Julia Hepzibeth Farmer m. 30 Jun 1870
Spencer Palmer Farmer b 13 Oct 1866 d. 24 Jul 1942
Steele Palmer Farmer b 20 Dec 1867
Gray Farmer b 19 Oct 1869 d. 1890
Sidney Farmer b 31 May 1871(moved to and died in Boston)
Owen Tudor Farmer b 31 May 1871 d. 1872
Lancelot Farmer b 11 Jun 1872
Rowena Farmer b 31 Oct 1873
Mary Farmer b 4 Feb 1877 d. 1901
Spencer Palmer Farmer  / Dinah Butler (d 1900) m 1893
John Owen Farmer b 17 Jul 1888
Frances Rowena Farmer b 17 Mar 1890 (in Duluth no less!)
George Brandon Farmer b 10 Apr 1892 d 1905
Steele Farmer b 7 Apr 1895 d. 1933
Irving Spencer Farmer b 10 May 1895 d 1987 Braintree, Mass
Lancelot Farmer b 5 Mar 1898
Spencer Palmer Farmer/ Elizabeth Macgillivray m 30 Sept 1912
Ronald Allerton Farmer b 11 Feb 1913 (note the date lol – My dad never knew).
Elizabeth emigrated from Scotland, and worked as Spencer Palmer Farmer’s cook. I guess after Dinah passed, Spencer got lonely and had my dad when he was 47! 
Ronald Farmer (d 28 Feb 1999)/ Iva Patricia Brockington
Me: David John Farmer 1953 (when Ronald was 40)
John Owen Farmer was your grandfather. He had a son John (b ??) , Donald Spencer b 8 Sep 1920, and Louise b abt 1916. So John Owen would have been 65 when I was born in 1953 and his son John would have been 33 ish when I was born. Quite honestly I never met either one and my dad never mentioned “John’s” middle name. All of Dad’s half brothers were much older. The youngest, Lancelot was 14 years old when Dad was born – so he kind of grew up without siblings. By the time Dad grew up, all the siblings were scattered to the 4 winds. Dad left home in St Andrews to Boston when he was 17 and then Montreal when he was 20 ish and never went back ( so he really never had much contact with any of them. I have a photo of Steele b 1895, but that’s about it.


 So my Godfather could very well be either John Owen Farmer b 1888, or his son “John”. Is that the John Franklin?
What I know of Spencer Palmer Farmer (who died 11 years before I was born was that after getting off the train in Winnipeg, in 1881, he help defeat the North West rebellion and ultimately went back to St Andrews where he became a bookkeeper, and Ass’t Hotel Manager at the Algonquin. Ultimately he was promoted to “Relief Manager” for the CP Hotel Chain when the existing Manager had to absent himself (vacations or whatever). I understand a good chunk of time of Spencer’s spent as manager of the Banff Springs, and my dad spent a couple of years in Bermuda as a child with Spencer as the hotel manager. 
Here’s a photo of Spencer taken around 1900 in full Masonic regalia!



Background info (David)

Hi Don

More stuff for your files.
John Farmer b1813
Julia Palmer
My own info about John (that comes from my dad) says that John  came from a fairly well to do family and was sent off to “the colonies” never to return for some “family disgrace” and became a “remittance man”, being regular sent a stipend from home to keep him away. He became an officer in the NB militia, Justice of the Peace (and one did not rise to those levels in those days without some kind of family influence) etc and when his mother died in England whereupon he inherited a quarter of the estate, (consistent with John having 3 other siblings) and it took a shipload to bring his share of the furniture over. That furniture was sold over the years to pay for a lavish lifestyle for John and many parties for his officer friends. He spent it all, and there was nothing left when he died. But much was lost in a home fire and I have one of the few items that survived, a sterling silver soup ladle with John’s’s initials engraved (probably 150 years old), plus his military sash. Half the island of Campobello was furnished with John’s furniture. LOL. John treated most of his children shabbily. In fact, my Grandfather, Spencer Palmer Farmer was put on a train to Winnipeg at the age of 15, given $50, and told to “go forth young man”. The only child John took exception to was Rowena, who, at a young age, John took to New York to be educated at Columbia University (the only one) where she met and married a Dr Oscar Schloss who became the head of cardiac surgery. About 15 years ago, I found Rowena’s granddaughter in New York, a Joan Long who lived quite well on the upper east side, and had no children, was a bit of a recluse and quite aged at that time (probably dead now). I never met her and only spoke to her on the phone once.
My dad always believed that John claimed he came from a little town in Llangollen, Wales. But the various censuses state his birthplace was England – so a mystery.  Perhaps he grew up there, or lived there. But there is no record of his birth there and which caused me no end of confusion. In one of the censuses, it states that John’s date of emigration to Canada was 1836 (age 23) which is consistent with the “family disgrace” theory. Your website where he leaves England at age 15 is the first I learned of that, so maybe he emigrated twice, or there are more holes to fill in. The Admiral Owens relationship is consistent. He is a photograph of the Owens given to John by them. These were expensive in those days and weren’t passed out willy nilly. Same for the original photos I have of him and Julia. They were expensive back then so John did indeed have money. I always wondered if there was a family connection with Admiral Owens somehow but have no evidence of such.
I myself, am happily enjoying retirement after working 45 years. I was born in Montreal, started working when I was 17, and eventually was transferred to Toronto at 35 in 1988. Did my schooling at night and got my MBA. Worked for various organizations and spent the last 15 years as a Bank of Montreal executive from where I retired in 2016. My Dad, Ronald Allerton Farmer died in 1999 (then 86) and is buried in Montreal  with my mum (97 in 2014). There are no other living relatives on my father’s side that I know of so it was somewhat of a “shock” to find you.  My wife and I enjoy travel a lot and are taking a trip to Jerusalem, Luxor and through Suez this fall. So life is good.
Anyway, sorry for the info dump. I hope you find it interesting and helpful. I think both of us have John’s “ears”. lol. Let me know what you think and hopefully we can get together and meet each other. Your uncle, John Farmer (b 1920 and son of Spencer) was asked to be my Godfather when I was born, said “yes”, and my Dad said that he never met him again after that. lol. It seems we are first cousins, one time removed. And we didn’t even know it!

John Franklin Farmer 1925 (Diane)

I am in touch with one of his sisters son’s down in the states and I will write to him and get the information about his mom. I know she was married twice I believe and had two sons. Her name was Louise. Dad’s other sister Kathleen never married.

As you know I have two brothers. Doug was born on December 1, 1959. He was married once but they had no kids. My other brother Mike was born September 29, 1964. He was married to Kendal Reagan and they have two kids and Evan and Elyse I will get those dates for you.

My dad married Margaret June Eastham on August 4, 1956. Mom died on December 13, 2002.

Ruth Hope White (Lorna)

Ruth Hope White born in Fort Fairfield, ME. Father was a carpenter.


Name: Jennie A White [Jennie A Parker]
Age: 61
Birth Year: abt 1859
Birthplace: Vermont
Home in 1920: Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire
Street: Break Mack Street
Marital Status: Divorced
Father’s Birthplace: Vermont
Mother’s name: Sara A Parker
Parker  Sara A    Head    Own   Free   85   1835    Widowed    Vermont

White   Jennie A    Daughter        61     1859    Divorced    Vermont

White    Ruth H    Granddaughter   Occupation: cashier/bank   30    1890   Single   Vermont




Name: Jennie A White [Jennie A Parker]
Birth Date: abt 1859
Birth Place: Perkinsville, Vermont
Father: Henry Parker
Mother: Sarah Abbie Washburn
Death Date: 10 Mar 1943
Death Place: Bellows Falls, Vermont, USA
Age at Death: 84
Informant Hugh White. Forest Hill Cemetery,  Charlestown.


Name: Jennie A White [Jennie A Parker]
Birth Date: 18 Nov 1858
Birth Place: Perkinsville, VT
Residence Place: Charlestown, New Hampshire
Death Date: 10 Mar 1943
Death Place: Bellows Falls, Windham, Vermont, USA
Father: Henry Parker
Mother: Sarah Abbie [Sarah Abbie Wasbburn]
Cause of Death: Chronic Generalized Arteriosclerosis
Vital Event Type: Certificate of Death
Robert Stocker White

Birth03 Jan 1858 Springfield, VT

Death11 Mar 1933 Unity, New Hampshire

Family Info

Father  Nathan Putnam White (1818-)

Mother Harriet A. Stocker (1822-1894)

Spouse  Jennie A. Parker (1858-1943)
Married 1882

Children  Avis P. (1883-) Hugh Albert (1884-1976)

Mark Nathan  (1886-1974)

Morris Henry (1886-1985)

Ruth H. (1889-)


1900 Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire


Parker    Henry    Head    Aug 1830     69      Married     45yrs.     1855    Vermont

Parker    Sarah A      Wife    Sep 1834    65       1855   Vermont

White     Jennie A P      Daughter      Nov 1858      41    Married  18yrs.   1882    Vermont

Parker    Herman A      Son      May 1876      24      Single      Vermont

White    Avis P      Granddaughter      May 1883      17       Vermont

White    Mark N      Grand Son      May 1886      14     Vermont

White    Morris H      Grand Son      May 1886      14     Vermont

White     Ruth H      Granddaughter      Sep 1889      10     Vermont





Thomas White  (not the 1st.)

Birth 1570    Fiddleford,  Dorset,  England

Death 28  MAR  1626   Dorset,  England


*Nathan Putnam White

Birth 23 SEP 1818 • Springfield Twp., Windsor, Vermont

Death 28 MAR 1858 • Springfield, Windsor, Vermont



History of Charlestown, New Hampshire.


page 531




Robert Stocker White

Birth 03 JAN 1858 • Springfield, VT

Death 11 MAR 1933 • Unity, New Hampshire





Home in 1860:
Springfield, Windsor, Vermont
White Nathan P    41   1819    Occupation:Farmer   Vermont

White  Harriet A    37   1823     Vermont

White  Robert S    2    1858     Vermont



Name: Robert S White
Gender: Male
Birth Date: Jan 1858
Birth Place: Springfield, VT
Residence Place: Unity, NH
Death Date: 11 Mar 1933
Death Place: Vermont, USA
Father: Lincoln White
Cause of Death: General Arterio- Sclerosis
Vital Event Type: Certificate of Death
Home in 1870: Springfield, Windsor, Vermont


Parker   Henry  39   1831 Vermont  value of real-estate   $14000

Parker   Abbie S      35    1835   Vermont

Parker   Jennie A    11  1859   Vermont

Parker  Emma H    7  1863   Vermont

White   Nathan P    51  1819    occupation: Farmer  Vermont   value of real-estate $6,500

White   Harriett H   48   1822   Vermont

White   Robert S      12   1858   Vermont

White   Earnest N    4   1866   Vermont



Home in 1880:
Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio
Stocker   Albert  Works/Foundry 55  1825  Married  Vermont

Stocker  Susan P.   45    1835   Wife    Vermont  Connecticut

Swan  Moses   White    85 1795  Father-in-law   Widower   Connecticut

White  Robert S.   works/Foundry  22   1858   Nephew   Single  Vermont

Name Robert Stocker White
Birth Date 3 Jan 1858
Birth Place Springfield, Vermont, USA
Father Name Nathan P White
Mother Name Harriet Stocker


Home in 1900
Springfield, Windsor, Vermont
Nathan P  White  Head   Sep 1818   81   Widowed Vermont Massachusetts  New Hampshire

White   Ernest N     Son      Jan 1866   34   Single   Vermont

White   Hugh A     Grand Son      Oct 1884   15   Single Vermont

White  Rachel B    Sister    May 1824    76   Single   Vermont



Name Robert S White
Gender Male
Birth Date abt 1858
Birth Place Springfield
Marriage Date 31 May 1882
Marriage Place Springfield, Vermont, USA
Marriage Age 24
Card Type Groom
Father Name Nathan P White
Mother Name Harriet A Starker
Spouse Name Jennie A Parker



Home in 1900:
Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire
Parker      Henry    Head      Provisions Dealer  Aug 1830      69    Married     45    1855      Vermont

Parker      Sarah A      Wife      Sep 1834      65      Married      45      1855      Vermont

White      Jennie A P      Daughter      Nov 1858      41      Married   18   1882    Vermont

Parker      Herman A      Son      Machinist   May 1876      24      Single    Vermont

White      Avis P      Granddaughter      May 1883      17      Single   Vermont

White      Mark N      Grand Son      May 1886      14      Vermont

White      Morris H      Grand Son      May 1886      14    Vermont

White      Ruth H      Granddaughter  Sep 1889      10yrs.  Vermont

Edward White (Lorna)

Edward White

Birth 27 APR 1863  Shelburne, Dufferin Co., Ontario, Canada

Death 20 DEC 1939  Orrville, Christie Twp., Parry Sound Dist., Ontario, Canad



Edward White
Marriage Date
15 Oct 1902
Marriage Location
Parry Sound District
Marriage County or District
Parry Sound
James White
Spouse Father
Spouse Mother


Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire

Parker residence


White  Jennie A P   Daughter  Nov 1858    41    Married  18   1882    Vermont

Parker      Herman A      Son      May 1876      24      Single    Vermont        Vermont

White     Avis P    Granddaughter    May 1883      17      Single  Vermont

White      Mark N      Grand Son      May 1886      14     Single  Vermont

White      Morris H     Grand Son      May 1886      14      Single   Vermont

White    * Ruth H     Granddaughter      Sep 1889      10    Single Vermont



This White is from a different Family White altogether, I back tracked.


Parker  Sara A    Head    Own   Free   85   1835    Widowed    Vermont

White   Jennie A    Daughter        61     1859    Divorced    Vermont

White    *Ruth H    Granddaughter   Occupation: cashier/bank   30    1890   Single   Vermont



These are the descendants  from Kent


Naomi Farth White
Date of Birth
30 Nov 1905
Birth Place
Parry Sound
Father’s Name
Edward White
Mother’s Name
Jessie Mary Gribble

Evelen Ruth White
Date of Birth
9 Aug 1903
Birth Place
Parry Sound
Father’s Name
Edward White
Mother’s Name
Jessee May Gribble
Edward White1863–1939

Jessie May Gribble1880–1959

Naomi Faith White1905–1989

Spouse & Children

Alexander J Campbell 1898–1971

Edward Campbell 1935–1939


James White
Birth Year
abt 1826
Birth Place
Kent, England
Age at Death
Death Date
4 Dec 1886
Death Place
Muskoka and Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada


Dinah Butler 1866 (Lorna)

Name Dinah Butler  ???
Gender Female
Christening Date 24 Jun 1866
Christening Place Ulverston, Lancashire, England
Mother’s Name Frances Butler
Name: Frances Butler
Gender: Female
Baptism Date: 22 Dec 1840
Baptism Place: Cartmel, Lancashire, England
Father: John Butler
Mother: Frances
FHL Film Number: 1040300

Name: John Butler
Age: 35
Estimated birth year: abt 1806
Where born: Lancashire, England
Civil Parish: Cartmel
Hundred: Lonsdale (North of the Sands)
County/Island: Lancashire
Country: England
Registration district: Ulverstone
Sub-registration district: Cartmel

John      Butler      35      1806      Ag.Lab.         Lancashire      England
Francis      Butler :Wife     35      1806          Westmorland
Joseph      Butler      15      1826     Lancashire      England
Dinah      Butler      10      1831              Lancashire      England
Ann      Butler      8      1833             Lancashire      England
Thomas      Butler      6      1835             Lancashire      England
James      Butler      3      1838           Lancashire      England
Frances     Butler 1      1840    Lancashire      England


John      Butler      Head      49      1802      Ag.Lab.    Carke Cartmel, Lancashire, England
Francis      Butler      Wife      48      1803     Market, Westmorland, England
Joseph      Butler      Son      27      1824         Kirkby Ireleth, Lancashire, England
John      Butler      Son      24      1827          Carke Cartmel, Lancashire, England
Dinah      Butler      Daughter      21      1830      General Servant      Carke Cartmel,  Lancashire, England
Thomas      Butler      Son      15      1836     Cartmel, Lancashire, England
James      Butler      Son      12      1839        Cartmel, Lancashire, England
Franciss      Butler      Daughter      10      1841          Cartmel, Lancashire, England
Sarah Ann      Butler      Daughter      7      1844         Cartmel, Lancashire, England


Name: John Butler
Probate Date: 28 Jan 1861
Registry: Lancashire, England
Death Date: 29 Nov 1860
Death Place: Lancashire, England
John      Butler      Head      85      1776      (Railway Labourer )   Holton Corknel      Lancashire      England

Holton Corknel

Isabella      Butler      Wife      87      1774      Railway labourers wife  Penrith      Cumberland      England

Sarah Ann      Butler      Daughter      17      1844      Dressmaker     Cork      Lancashire      England


CARTMEL, a small town, a parish, and a subdistrict in Ulverstone district, Lancashire. The town stands in a fine valley, overhung by the Coniston fells, within 2½ miles of the Leven sands, 2 NE of Cark and Cartmel r. station, and 6½ E of Ulverstone. Egfrid, King of Northumbria, gave the surrounding lands to St. Cuthbert; Ethelred, a successor of Egfrid, put to death here two rivals to his throne; and William Mareschal, Earl of Pembroke, founded here, in 1188, a grand Augustinian priory. The priory enjoyed the privilege of providing guides for the Leven and Morecambe sands; and was given, at the dissolution, to Thomas Holcroft.



John Farmer (Lorna)

1851 Charlotte County Campobello

Province  New Brunswick  District

Charlotte County  Sub-District  Campobello

John      Farmer        38      1814

Ann      Farmer          30      1822

Francis Owen      Farmer            6      1846

Richd J R      Farmer        5      1847

William O      Farmer           3      1849

George       Farmer          1      1851

Edward      Farmer        3mos      1851


Home in 1861 Campobello,  Charlotte,  New Brunswick

Race English  Religion Episcopalian

John    Farmer :Head     49      1812

Ann  :Wife           40      1821

Frances O      16      1845

Ritchard J R      14      1847

William O      13      1848

George      11      1850

Edward      10      1851


Farmer      John   70    1811   England   C of E  English    Collector/Customs

Julia : Wife   48    1833    New B.  English

Frederick   18   1863   New B.   English

Spencer  14   1867  New B.  English  Attends School

Steel            13      1868     (UK)   New B.   English

Grey        12      1869      New B.  English

Sydney     11      1870      New B.   English

Lancelot    9      1872      New B.     English

Rowena     7      1874      New B.    English

Mary        4      1877      New B.      English


Farmer    John   80   1811  Head  England C of E England

J A:Wife Electric Light Book Keeper 55  1836  New B.

Steele    Book Keeper   22  1869  New B.

Sydney   20    1871    Single   New B.

Lanslet   19  1872   Single    New B.

Rowena   17   1874   Single    New B.

Mary   14   1877  New B.

John Farmer children (Lorna)


Julia Hepzibeth Palmer

Birth 1835 • St George, Charlotte, New Brunswick, Canada

Death 31 JUL 1914 • St Annes Church, Campobello, New Brunswick, Canada

Julia Farmer :   Head   13th Feb   1848    65   Ns   Canadian      Church Of England      Retired

John   Grand Son   17th Jul 1889  12yrs  Ns   Canadian

Francis  Grand Daughter    17th Mar  1890   11yrs   Ns  Canadian

George  Grand Son   10th Apr  1893    9yrs   Ns   Canadian

Stelle     Grand Son   7yrs Apr  1893   8yrs  Ns  Canadian

Irving     Grand Son      10th April    1896   5yrs   Ns  Canadian (Chauffeur)

Lancelot Grand Son  9th Mar  1899  3yrs  Ns  Canadian  Occupation:  (Electrician/ Automobile)


Farmer    John   80   1811  Head  England C of E England

J A:Wife Electric Light Book Keeper 55  1836  New B. 

Steele    Book Keeper   22  1869  New B.

Sydney   20    1871    Single   New B.

Lanslet   19  1872   Single    New B.

Rowena   17   1874   Single    New B.

Mary   14   1877  New B.

*Spencer Palmer Farmer

Birth OCT 13 1866 • Campobello, New Brunswick, Canada

Death JULY 24, 1942 • St Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada


John Farmer  1813–1901

Julia Hepzibeth  Palmer1835–1914


Frederick Farmer 1863–

 Steele Farmer 1867–

Neil Farmer 1868–

Gray Farmer 1870–1890

Sydney Farmer 1871–1942

Lancelot Farmer 1872–

Rowena Farmer 1874–

Mary Farmer 1877–

Half Siblings

Ann Farmer 1662–1708

Francis Owen Farmer 1846–

George Meers (or Meres) Farmer 1850–1936

Edward Farmer 1851–

Edwin Farmer 1851–

William O Farmer 1851–

John Farmer 1855– Mother Ann died 10th July 1864


Lancelot Farmer

Birth Date:

5 Mar 1898

Birth Place:

New Brunswick, Canada

Death Date:

19 Feb 1963

Death Place:

Sarasota County, Florida, USA


Skyway Memorial Gardens

Burial or Cremation Place:

Palmetto, Manatee County, Florida, USA


Rose L Farmer

   Lancelot Farmer      5 Mar 1898      St Andrews, New Brunswick      19 Feb 1963      Boston      Putnam      Electrician


Irving Farmer   Profession: Chauffer



Birth Date:

10 Apr 1896

Birth Place:


Residence Date:

16 Aug 1918

Residence Place:

Boston, Massachusetts # 17 Aberdeen Street



Marital Status:


Serial Number:



Irving Farmer

Birth Date:

10 Apr 1896

Birth Location:

St Andrews, New Brunswick


Boston, Massachusetts


*Spencer Farmer



Regiment Number:



Irving S. Farmer



Last Residence:

02184 Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts, USA


10 Apr 1896


17 Sep 1987

State (Year) SSN issued:

New York (Before 1951)


Spencer Farmer

Occupation : accountant

Spencer Palmer Farmer

Birth 13 OCT 1866 • Campobello, Charlotte, New Brunswick, Canada

Death 24 JUL 1942 • St Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada


Steele Farmer

Birth Date:


Death Date:

6 Apr 1892


Fairmount Cemetery

Burial or Cremation Place:

Denver, Denver County, Colorado, USA