1*2 – Julia Hepzibeth Palmer 1829

Julia Hepzibeth Palmer was born 23 Dec 1829 in Regent Square Scotch Church, St Pancras, London, England and died 31 July 1914 at Campobello and is buried at St Annes Church.

She was married to John Farmer 1813 on 30 June 1870 in St. Annes Church Campobello

Christening 26 Aug 1870 St Annes Church

Her parents were Richard Palmer 1771 and Jane Ferguson 1793.

His father was James Palmer 1734 and Ann Huzzeli 1747.

Her father was William Ferguson 1764 and Leleos

Her son Spencer Palmer Farmer 1866-1942 was married to Elizabeth Ann MacGillvray 1881 – 1965

Julia Hepzibeth PALMER

Birth: 1835 St George, Charlotte NB
Death: 31 Jul 1914 St Annes Church, Campobello NB

Children of John and Julia Farmer:

Frederick Farmer 1863–
Steele Farmer 1867–
Neil Farmer 1868–
Gray Farmer 1870–1890
Sydney Farmer 1871–1942
Lancelot Farmer 1872–
Spencer Palmer Farmer–1866
Rowena Farmer 1874–
Mary Farmer 1877–
Owen Tudor Farmer


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