1 – John Farmer 1813-1901

John Farmer was born on the 8th of March, 1813 at Whitechapel St Mary, England to parents James Farmer and Margaret Sanderson.  He emigrated to Canada in 1828 at the age of 15. He was married twice and had a total of 16 children. He married Ann Gregg in 1843 and they had six children together before she died in 1864. He married his second wife, Julia Palmer in 1870 and they had 10 children together. He died on the 8th of February, 1901 and is buried at the St Anne Cemetery at Campobello, New Brunswick, Canada.


James Farmer was born in 1780  in Whitechapel St Mary, England.

Margaret Sanderson was born in 1778 in Whitechapel St Mary, England.

Marriage to Ann Gregg

Ann Gregg was born on the 5th of APR 1821 in Ombersley, Worcestershire, England. She was Baptized 17 March 1822, Cheviot Street Presbyterian Church, Wooler.  Ann was recorded as Agnes in the list of the Wooler settlers, but was baptized Ann and was known by that name in New Brunswick.  She married 3 August 1843 John FARMER of Campobello, the collector of customs there.  She died on the 10th of JUL 1864 and is buried at St Annes Church, Campobello, New Brunswick, Canada.

Children of John and Ann

Francis Owen Farmer 1846–
George Meers (or Meres) Farmer 1850–1936
Edward Farmer 1851–
Edwin Farmer 1851–
William O Farmer 1851 (1849?)–
John Farmer 1855–

Marriage to Julia Palmer

Julia Hepzibeth Palmer was born 23 Dec 1829 in Regent Square Scotch Church, St Pancras, London, England and died 31 July 1914 at Campobello and is buried at St Annes Church.

Children of John and Julia Farmer:

Frederick Farmer 1863–
Spencer Palmer Farmer 1866

Spencer Palmer Farmer was born on 13 Oct 1866 in Welchpool, Campobello Island and Christened 20 July 1868 at the St Annes Church. He spent his life on Campobello island and from the census records we know that his occupation was a bookkeeper. He was married twice. He married Dinah Butler in 1893 and together they had 5 children. He married Elizabeth Anne MacGillvrey and they had one son together. He died in 1942 at St Andrews, NB  and is buried in the St Andrews Rural Cemetery.

Steele Farmer
Neil Farmer 1868–
Gray Farmer 1870–1890
Sydney Farmer 1871–1942
Lancelot Farmer 1872–
Rowena Farmer 1874–
Mary Farmer 1877–
Owen Tudor Farmer


John remarried 30 June 1870 to Julia PALMER of Campobello and had a second family. At the time of the marriage Julia already had two children and its not known if she had a first husband and there is speculation that these may be her and John’s children preceding their marriage.

Rowena (31 Oct 1873, and Mary (4 Feb 1877 died 1901)
were all born after the marriage. So it’s probably not likely that Spencer is not his. John just didn’t get married when he had 3 kids!

Deed page 119 John Batson Book W Page 233 Campobello. screenshots in media folder.

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