18*1 – Dinah Butler 1866

Dinah Butler was born in 1866 in England. She died on the 6th of Aug 1900 and is buried in St. Andrews NB.

In 1893, she married Spencer in St. Andrews NB. By this point, though, she had several children, including John Farmer, who had been born in 1988, five years earlier, and I am still trying to determine if John was the farther or if Dinah had a first husband .

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Frances Rowena Farmer 1890-
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George Brandon Farmer 1892-1905
Steele Farmer 1893-
Irving Spencer Farmer 1895-1987
Lancelot Farmer Mar 5 1898 – Birth registration, sworn by his older brother, John O Farmer, on Jul 6 1961. The certificate states that the fathers occupation was a bookkeeper.

Christened 24 Jun 1866 Ulverston Lancashire

Mother Francis Butler 22 Dec 1840, Cartmel, Lancashire, England
Her father  was John Butler 1806 Lancashire, England


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