186.1 – David Farmer 1953

David Farmer was born Nov 17, 1953 and grew up in Pointe Claire, Quebec. He married Suzanne in 1978 in Montreal and they had three children together. Suzanne died in April 2007 of colon cancer. David remarried to Dee in 2014 and now lives in Toronto.



David grew up in Pointe Claire where his dad, Ronald Allerton Farmer bought a new subdivision house in 1954. He moved out to support himself when he was 18 in 1972. He received his  pilot’s license in 1977 and married Suzanne in Montreal in 1978 and had 3 children.

  • Mackenzie Farmer (b 1987 – 31), graduated McMaster with a Bachelor degree in English, married and living in Vancouver.
  • Derek Farmer (b 1993 (twins) – 24) living in Oakville.
  • Leanne Farmer (b 1993 (twins) 24) living in Oakville. Leanne graduated from Durham college in 2014 and is a child educator.

David attended university undergrad (1980) in Montreal and graduate school (MBA – 1984) at night,  and eventually moved from Montreal to Toronto at 35 in 1988 to work for a Paris based bank Credit Lyonnais where he became the SVP and #2 in Canada. The bank sold off all the Canadian assets in 1999. In 2001 he accepted an executive position at BMO and set up a Corporate Finance Syndications group for them.  He retired from BMO 15 years later in Jan 2016 at the age of 62.

Suzanne passed away at age 50 (after 29 years of marriage) from Colon Cancer after a year of chemo in April 2007 when my youngest’s were only 13 (Mackenzie was 20). I took my kids travelling after Suzanne died so they’ve all been to Italy, Greece, Egypt etc.

He met Dee on a blind date in Sept 2008. Kept the house in Oakville where the kids all grew up until 2011, and then he and Dee were married in 2012 after my kids went off to University and Mackenzie had graduated and moved to “downtown” Oakville. I started flying again in 2004. Picked up the plane in 2010.

Dee has two sons. She raised them on her own from about age 3. Jason (31) and Brendan (29). Jason works in architecture, lives in Oshawa. Brendan joined the Navy in Victoria, was discharged last year, has gone back to university full time. He’s married, lives in Victoria, has a one year old son (our first grandchild).

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